Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese art based on energy flow, practiced for good health, increased energy, mental clarity and spiritual development.

It helps overcome many illnesses that are considered ‘incurable’ from a Western perspective.

It benefits flexibility and also helps connect body and mind in a world where the feeling of disconnection is all too common.

It helps individuals attain a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace, attain physical and mental strength and helps attain good health in the most natural way possible (from inside out) 

I guess the question is ‘Why would you not want to practice this gentle art as a way to stay healthy, flexible (body and in life) and connected?’


  1. From the first class/consultation you will feel more relaxed and peaceful.
  2. You will learn techniques from the ancient Chinese art of Chi Kung. Sifu Joan is highly trained in Shaolin and Taoist Chi Kung.
  3. You will learn how to circulate energy around the meridian system of the body, which helps heal an individual holistically- Body, Mind and Spirit. The whole idea is that you learn how to do this for yourself.
  4. You will learn how to eliminate chronic pain and chronic illness on 6 week courses.
  5. You will learn how to overcome stress and burnout and stay calm in turbulent times on one stop workshops.
  6. You will learn how to take care of yourself on a daily basis with as little as 15 minutes practice once or twice a day.
  7. You will have the opportunity to learn more and deepen your skills on different courses with Sifu Joan.
  8. You can begin with an Evening or Morning workshop and later attend a weekend or 5 day workshop or begin on whichever workshop you wish. Sifu Joan teaches systematically. Here is her story: http://chikung.ie/sifu-joans-story/

NB  Please note that most workshops/courses are now full and closed. Sifu Joan will recommence from September 2019 onwards, it is highly recommended that you email sifujoan@gmail.com if you wish to learn more about private after 6pm or Sunday appointments for Chi Kung Healing or Chi Kung Personal Practice lessons over the summer months.

6 private one to one consultations €500.00 (only after 6pm appointments) in Kilgarvan, Co Kerry.

Email sifujoan@gmail.com for appointment.


Sifu Joan Browne has trained with Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit for almost 20 years. She deeply appreciates the techniques and skills she has learned for healing and personal development through the beautiful arts of Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan. She specializes in chronic pain, chronic illness, stress, personal wellbeing and post stroke rehabilitation. She is also a Louise Hay Teacher of ‘You can Heal your Life’ and a Psychiatric nurse.

Please contact her on sifujoan@gmail.com for bookings or further information.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit’s homepage  www.shaolin.org



Sifu Joan has been interviewed  on OpenHouse on RTE 1 in 2006 and more recently- January 2018- on Radio Kerry. Here is the podcast link to Radio Kerry’s interview  https://www.radiokerry.ie/joan-browne-ancient-art-chi-kung/

Also interviewed by Patrica Messenger from Cork 103. Interview begins at 1.28.56 so scroll to that marker.