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Sifu Joan’s story:


Joan suffered from chronic back and neck pain and was told by western professionals they couldn’t do anything for her. She was advised to live with the chronic pain and told she would end up in a wheelchair, never to work again. She was unable to continue working as a nurse and was on 12 painkillers/anti inflammatory tablets a day as well as home traction, attending an osteopath and undergoing physiotherapy.

One day Joan bought a book in Tralee, called Chi Kung for Health and Vitality, written by Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. After reading the book, she emailed the author, who wrote back to assure her Chi Kung can help overcome chronic pain. He was holding a course in Malaysia the following January and Joan plucked up all the courage she could muster and signed up. After the first session Joan knew the difference between what she had been practicing and what this wonderful teacher was teaching. It was Chi Flow. It was Chi Kung with energy and mind training. The rest is history. Joan came home after the course, practiced diligently every single day and was completely cured in 8 months. And soon after she decided to teach the Shaolin Arts to students in Ireland.

Joan (referred to as Sifu by her students and clients) founded Shaolin Wahnam Ireland in 2000. She is the Chief Instructor in Ireland and has helped hundreds of individuals overcome chronic and degenerative illness. She runs her training centre and clinic in Kilgarvan, County Kerry but also teaches in Killarney, Cork and Dublin. She has also taught internationally in London, Manchester, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. 


Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit who taught Joan, is fourth generation successor of monk Jiang Nan of the Shaolin Monastery in China and has been awarded ‘Chi Kung Master of the Year’. He has practiced and taught the Shaolin arts for more than 40 years. He has over 60,000 students worldwide and has helped thousands of people overcome chronic and degenerative disease. Grandmaster Wong visits Ireland once a year in February for the Valentine’s Festival usually held in the Brehon hotel, Killarney, County Kerry.


Sifu Joan’s specialties are Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung and Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan.


Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung:

Shaolin Chi Kung originated in the Shaolin Temple in China when Bodhidharma taught it to the monks in 527 AD. It is a profound and ancient system of holistic energy and mind healing. Individuals are taught either in the clinic or through group classes how to generate constant energy flow, cleanse the meridian system and nourish it with good energy, helping them to become healthy, pain free and deal with stress. There are very few schools in the world teaching Chi Kung at this high level. It not only helps overcome health problems like chronic pain and degenerative conditions, it enhances vitality, mental focus and allows students to remain calm in times of stress. It is a wonderful way to relax, to sleep better at night, regain the zest for life and attain spiritual fulfilment.

Shaolin Kungfu:

Shaolin Kungfu was taught in the famous Shaolin Temple in China. It is a classical Chinese internal martial artIt can be divided into Form, Force, Application and Philosophy. The original aim was spiritual development, irrespective of the practitioner’s religious conviction. Other benefits include excellent health and fitness, vitality, mental clarity, self defence in business and daily life and character training.

Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan:

Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial artwith the same benefits as Shaolin Kungfu. Its Patriarch is Zhang San Feng. It is also divided into Form, Force, Application and Philosophy. Its benefits are excellent health and fitness, vitality, mental clarity, self defence in business and daily life as well as character training and personal development.



This Interview and chi transmission on OPENHOUSE RTE 1 features Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and Joan Browne