Weekly Shaolin Chi Kung with Sifu Joan
Dublin, Cork, and Killarney
Daily Zen- Peaceful Mind, Healthy Life


A year long course on medical Shaolin Chi Kung to help students deal with pain, illness, stress, increase agility, relaxation and inner strength as well as feeling connection, a deep sense of inner peace and empowerment in daily life and work. Students also sleep better at night as well as have more energy for work and play.

1) Each individual student will be able to practice competently on their own after the course.
2) Each individual student will have a clear understanding and personal experience of what genuine Chi Kung is.
3) Each individual student will have the techniques and skills to attain good health, vitality, agility, deep relaxation, inner strength as well as a deep sense of peace and connection in work and daily life.

1) To be able to deeply relax instantly
2) To enter a Chi Kung state of mind (meditative state)
3) To tap energy from the Cosmos
4) To be able to generate an internal energy flow
5) To massage all the internal organs with chi or energy
6) To attain Unity of Form, Energy and Mind
7) To learn techniques and deepen skills for good health, mental clarity, vitality, flexibility, longevity and spiritual joy.

Course Details:

There are 4 modules plus Two Intensive Weekends.
a) Module 1- Attaining Good Health, Relaxation and  Energy Flow -Prevention & Cure: 18 Lohan hands Shaolin Chi Kung set and 18 Jewels Chi Kung set.
b) Module 2 – Increasing Agility/Flexibility and Dealing with Negative Emotions – The Art of Flexibility and Massaging Internal Organs e.g Lungs (Sadness, Grief and Depression), Kidneys (Fear), Liver (Anger), Stomach (Anxiety) and Spleen (Worry/stress).
c) Module 3- Internal Force Training – Empowerment and Inner strength as well as Peak performance and Efficiency: Pushing Mountains, Lifting Water and Horse Stance.
d) Module 4- Developing Spiritual Joy- A deep sense of Inner peace and Connection- Cosmic Shower and Zen.

Intensive Weekends: Mid April and Mid September2018

Course Commencement Dates and Venues:

Cork, Bru Columbanus Wilton:  Monday 15th January 2018- 7pm -8.30pm

Killarney, Gleneagle hotel: Thursday 18th January 2018- 8.30pm -10pm

Dublin, The Clayton hotel, Ballsbridge:  Saturday 20th January 2018-  2pm -3.30pm and 3.45pm -5.15pm


Fee: €1800.00 paid in full in January 2018.

Fee: €2100.00 if paid in 3 instalments of €700.00 due in January, April, and August.


How to book the course:

To apply for acceptance: Send email to (headed Daily Zen- Peaceful Mind, Healthy Life 2018-2019 and venue) stating why you wish to take this special course also include the following details: Name, Address, Contact details, Date of Birth, Occupation, Any known illness or medication ( please give short detail) and Agreement to the 10 Shaolin Laws (see below).

Course location

Payment details

Please see bank transfer details below. Payment methods: Paypal, Bank transfer or cheque(made out to Shaolin Wahnam Ireland)
Bank transfer details for courses.
Account Number: 71850227
Name of Bank:  Permanent TSB
Address of Bank: 12 Lower Castle Street, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland

Bank sort code: 990711
IBAN – IE85 IPBS99071171850227 (no space between letters and numbers and letters in Caps)