Holistic Life Teachings has been founded by Sifu Joan Browne, Co Kerry, Ireland to spread the profound arts of Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness and Well-Being. It was formerly Shaolin Wahnam Ireland.

‘These beautiful gentle meditative arts help to generate energy through the meridians thus raising our vibration so that we become aligned with higher vibrations on a daily basis. This helps to bring more good into our life making living this life on earth easier. Better health, mental clarity, more energy and a beautiful deep sense of peace within are just some of the benefits.

All good comes from high energy vibration, for example, being relaxed, peaceful, happy, healthy, grateful, chi flowing well, having a positive outlook, are all examples of high vibration. When we are stressed, fearful, unhealthy, depressed, focusing on the negative, watching the news and allowing it to influence without discernment are low vibration. 

Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan are wonderful arts to practice daily to increase our vibrational alignment and to enhance our life, to overcome chronic illness and chronic pain, to increase energy levels, have better mental clarity, to nourish our soul and find a deep sense of peace.

In Chi Kung philosophy, all illness is the result of energy blockage or stagnation. Shaolin Chi Kung daily practice is a wonderful way to attain good health, especially overcoming chronic pain and illness, stress, burnout and a feeling of overwhelm and hopelessness. The Chi Kung that is taught by Sifu Joan includes ‘chi flow’ which is the main healing part of what was taught by Grandmaster Wong.

Of course, it is so much more than that, attaining good health is the foundation.  I am deeply grateful to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit for his profound knowledge and generosity’ Sifu Joan

Sifu Joan has been teaching for 22 years and trained with one of the world’s most renowned Shaolin Grandmasters – Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia- for 20 years. These were some of the most beautiful and profound years of her life.

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Sifu Joan’s Story,

Ancient Arts for Modern Man,


Frequently Asked Questions.

Books: The Art of Chi Kung by Wong Kiew Kit and Chi Kung for Health and Vitality by Wong Kiew Kit

2024 courses:  Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan

Please note that all courses are for personal practice and development and not for teaching others, either family, friends or clients. It takes many years of training and dedication to become a high level Shaolin Chi Kung or Tai Chi Chuan Master, something that is not possible over a weekend or over weekly courses.

Sifu Joan Lifting the Sky in Malaysia

Dear Students, Followers and Readers,

My lovely fun Mom has passed and I am taking some time off until late April 2024

I am conducting a REVIEW DAY on Sunday 21st April from 9.30am -5pm in The Killarney Court, Killarney, Co Kerry. This is open to anybody who has taken a course with me on Zoom or live classess/courses over the years. A second REVIEW DAY will be held on Sunday 26th May in the same venue. Fee is €80.00 (this does not include lunch, but does include teas/coffees)

I am also conducting a live weekend for Beginners 11th and 12th May 2024 in the Killarney Court hotel, Killarney (confirmed) and again in September 2024 in Killarney.

9.30am -5pm on both days.

Fee: €300.00 for weekend course including lunch/teas/coffees on both days and handouts. Please see below for payment methods.

A Zoom weekend Beginners in mid June 2024 may also be organised for those who may not be able to travel and International participants.

If you are interested in any of the above, please email me on sifujoan@gmail.com.

New students on the Beginners Chi Kung course will learn:

Shaolin Chi Kung exercises and Chi Flow.

The History and Philosophy of Shaolin Chi Kung.

How to attain a Chi Kung state of mind (meditative state),

How to generate a Chi Flow and why this is important for overcoming chronic illness

Attaining physical, emotional and mental well being.

The Do’s and Don’ts of practice.

Overcoming fear and stress and where is lodges in the body

Gratitude and why it is important

Q&A’s with Sifu Joan and much more.

To Book: Please register your interest with Sifu Joan by email: sifujoan@gmail.com or Text 087 1212249 (00353871212249 outside of Ireland)

Payment options:  Bank Transfer, Paypal, Revolut, Cheque. Payment in Kind is also accepted to the course value. (if you cannot afford the fee but can offer an alternative that is of benefit, that is also acceptable). A deposit of €80.00 will hold your place.

Sifu Joan and Peter having fun with self defence application.

Level 1: Introduction to Stance training and Moving in Stances, Chi Flow, Grasping Sparrow’s Tail (short set), Lifting Water, Self defence aspect of the short set for work and life. A glimpse of Pushing hands  Level 2. History and Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan and much more.

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient meditative flowing art practised for:

  • Personal Development and Self defence in in all areas of life
  • Gently dealing with Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Stress and Burn Out.
  • Becoming more stable and grounded.
  • Becoming more healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Attaining a clear and calm mind to live a more peaceful, productive and balanced work and home life.
  • Learning the Secrets of the Masters.

This class is taught in a safe and enjoyable teaching environment.

Students perfecting set practice

How to book for any course: Please register your interest with Sifu Joan at sifujoan@gmail.com or by text on 087 1212249 (if outside Ireland for Zoom Chi Kung Beginners- 00353871212249) Once your payment has gone through, you will be sent the Zoom link for Chi Kung or confirmation of your place for Tai Chi Chuan.

Payment accepted: Please see above.

For current or past students Sifu Joan teaches a nightly Chi Kung class at 8pm for 20 minutes on Facebook Live. This is a private group. If you have taken courses with Sifu Joan since 2000,  you are more than welcome to join, just text 087 12 12 249 or email sifujoan@gmail.com to register (€80.00 per month). Paypal, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash accepted.

The live sessions each night have been ongoing since March 2020 and we have recently reached our 1000 consecutive night in mid December! At a recent dinner celebration attended by many of Sifu Joan’s students she mentioned that it was obvious the students who had been on the FB Live group. Their chi was much lighter and brighter than those who only practised occasionally.

These sessions will continue into 2024 .

What is Chi Kung?

Shaolin Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese art based on meditative form and energy flow, practised for good health, increased energy, mental clarity and spiritual development. It was taught in the Shaolin Temple by Bodhidharma to the monks, for good physical and mental health and strength. Chi means energy and Kung means Art. The Art of Energy not just physical exercises as many schools teach today.

Regular consistent practice can help in overcoming many illnesses that are considered ‘incurable’ from a Western perspective, especially chronic illness and chronic pain as well as stress and burn out.

It benefits flexibility and also helps connect body and mind in a world where the feeling of disconnection is all too common. 

It helps individuals attain a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace, attain physical and mental strength and helps attain good health in the most natural way possible (from inside out).

Shaolin Chi Kung gets to the root cause of a problem or issue whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  1. From the first class/consultation you will feel more relaxed and peaceful.
  2. You will learn techniques from the ancient Chinese art of Shaolin Chi Kung. Sifu Joan is highly trained in Shaolin, Taoist, Medical, Martial, Scholar and Spiritual Chi Kung.
  3. You will learn how to circulate energy around the meridian system of the body, which helps heal an individual holistically- Body, Mind and Spirit. The whole idea is that you learn how to do this for yourself. Most Chi Kung schools teach relaxed Chi Kung exercises but this is not the whole picture. Chi Flow and a Chi Kung state of mind is needed to overcome chronic pain and illness as well as other issues.
  4. You will learn how to deal with chronic pain and chronic illness on various courses.
  5. You will learn how to overcome stress and burnout, gain physical and mental strength and stay calm in stressful situations.
  6. You will learn how to take care of yourself on a daily basis with as little as 15 minutes practice once or twice a day.
  7. You will have the opportunity to learn more and deepen your skills on different courses with Sifu Joan. There are at least 12 levels and many of those are expanded further. It is a life long learning to becoming the very best version of you.
  8. The courses/workshops may also include The Gift of Gratitude, Forgiving ourselves and others as well as Self Appreciation.
  9.  Here is her story: https://chikung.ie/sifu-joans-story/

For personal family reasons, Sifu Joan is only working part time at present.

If you would like Sifu Joan to speak to your group or organization on the physical and mental health benefits of Shaolin Chi Kung practice please email sifujoan@gmail.com with heading: ‘How Shaolin Chi Kung can benefit physical, mental, spiritual health, well-being, being well and a good work/life balance’

Sifu Joan Browne has trained with Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit for over 20 years. She deeply appreciates the techniques and skills she has learned for healing and personal development through the beautiful arts of Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan. She is a genuine Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan Master.

She specializes in Shaolin Chi Kung, The Gift of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Self Appreciation as well as Tai Chi Chuan for self defense in daily life. She is also a Louise Hay Teacher of ‘You can Heal your Life’  a Psychiatric nurse and Public speaker.

Please contact her on sifujoan@gmail.com for bookings or further information.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit’s homepage  www.shaolin.org

Ancient Arts for Modern Man- https://chikung.ie/ancient-arts-for-modern-man/


Sifu Joan has been interviewed  on OpenHouse on RTE 1 in 2006 and more recently- January 2018- on Radio Kerry. Here is the podcast link to Radio Kerry’s interview  https://www.radiokerry.ie/joan-browne-ancient-art-chi-kung/

Also interviewed by Patrica Messenger from Cork 103. Interview begins at 1.28.56 so scroll to that marker.


Sifu Joan’s Story.

In January 2000, Joan travelled a very long journey in search of a cure for her unrelenting back and neck pain. The journey brought her to Sungai Petani, known as SP to locals, northwest Malaysia.
Here she had booked onto a three day course of Shaolin Chi Kung with a Chinese Grandmaster specializing in the Shaolin Arts (Shaolin Chi Kung, Shaolin Kungfu and Zen meditation). She had found the Grandmaster after reading one of his books ‘Chi Kung for Health and Vitality’ and emailing him directly. She was very happy to learn that he accepted her on the course and hoped that what she had read about Chi Kung to be true.
In March 1994, Joan had injured her upper back and neck pretty badly. Her final diagnosis was that two of the discs in her neck were fused and she had four protruding discs in her upper back. Many of the discs were degenerating and her prognosis was that she would probably end up in a wheelchair in time. Nothing could be done from the Western medical perspective, surgery may lead to complications resulting in quadriplegia and treatment consisted in managing the pain as best as possible. The only relief she received was from an Osteopath, but it was always short lived but even a day without pain was a blessing. The pain radiated upwards from the mid back, out the shoulders and up into her head. ‘It was like having two toothaches and I couldn’t get away from the pain completely. Pain killers lessened it and so did home traction but nothing took it away completely’ says Joan.
She read many self help books and enjoyed the work of Louise Hay ‘You can heal your life’ who she trained with later on. Her first book on ‘energy’ was ‘The Celestine Prophesy’ and it was these two things that coordinated in her understanding of Shaolin Chi Kung. She had found a local teacher of Chi Kung but it was very physical, so when she read ‘Chi Kung for Health and Vitality’ she had a basic understanding of what the Grandmaster was talking about.
But it was so much better and intense that what she was expecting.
Travelling to Malaysia in so much pain was a risk she was willing to take. Luckily there was an empty seat next to her on the plane which made the journey easier. She arrived in Penang tired but excited and the smells and sounds of such a busy multi cultural city will always stay with her. It was night time so she didn’t see very much on the taxi drive to SP about one hour from Penang.
Next morning, she met two more of the course participants, one from Toronto and one from Austria and met the Grandmaster by the hotel pool. It was almost 32 degrees raising to 40 in the afternoon. As they waited, they suddenly noticed a very happy looking Chinese man approaching. His smile was the first thing Joan noticed and his joy, it was contagious and all fears and anxieties immediately disappeared.
On the very first session, Joan knew that this was totally different Chi Kung to what she had been learning in Ireland, there was a depth to this that ‘felt right’ and from her first experience of energy flow, she felt something change within her.
After three days of two hour sessions in the morning and two hour sessions late afternoon, Joan returned home and practised exactly what Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit had taught her twice a day. After some ups and down with the pain level, it finally stabilised after six months. It took another two months for Joan to realise that her back pain was cured.
Two weeks after coming home from Malaysia, she got this strong urge to go to the local Bingo in Castleisland. She borrowed the money from her brother and set off with her sister. That night, Joan won the jackpot of 2500 pounds, the exact amount of a loan she had taken out from the credit union to go to Malaysia and pay for course. Good chi flow!
Joan invited Grandmaster Wong or Sifu as his students call him, meaning ‘Teacher’ to Ireland in February 2001, where courses were held in The Ballyroe hotel in Tralee. She met him again in June of that year in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was here Sifu invited Joan to teach and spread the Shaolin arts in Ireland. Although this was not something she had envisioned and came as a complete surprise, it was a great honour and she accepted.
She became Chief Instructor in Ireland and Organiser of Grandmaster Wong’s courses here. Some of her own students over the years were also promoted by the Grandmaster and some teach in Ireland as well as in other countries. She has taught in London, Manchester, Japan as well as Israel and has students worldwide.
In 2019, she branched out from the Shaolin Wahnam International school and opened Holistic Life Teachings, she continues to teach Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan to those who wish to sincerely learn these profound genuine arts.

The Ancient Arts being referred to are Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan. Both arts are ancient but nevertheless are as important nowadays as in ancient times. Both are energy and mind training arts to develop good health, vitality, mental clarity, spiritual joy and a zest for life. Both are ideal for physical/mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing following ancient traditions where physical health and mental strength were necessary to live. Our lives may have changed since 527AD when Bodhidharma introduced Shaolin Chi Kung to the Shaolin Temple, but as humans we still need to keep our chi flowing to attain the good health that we need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
These teachings may appear simple but they are profound in their application to life. We learn to become relaxed and focused (meditation), we learn how to circulate energy around the body by just breathing and smiling, we learn how to deal with stress, burnout, chronic illness and pain. We learn how to enjoy life in very simple pleasures as we attain a child like wonder which makes each moment easier and more special in our lives. We learn to let go of emotional baggage, to forgive, to open our hearts, to bless and receive blessings, to become more aware of ourselves, our family and our surroundings. We learn to stand up for ourselves in a non aggressive way. We also learn respect and become more disciplined in our daily life. We learn to stand back from a situation rather than bulldoze in. Our clarity makes it easier to solve problems and to see solutions more quickly. In short, we learn how to become better human beings, to become the best that we can become and understanding and experiencing the importance of being alive and alert to and in each moment of the present. These beautiful gentle arts help raise our vibration so that we become aligned with higher vibrations on a daily basis bringing more good into our lives.

What students/clients have to say:
Long standing Digestive issues: A Cork student.
Hi Sifu,
I just thought I would say hello and check in 🙂
I’m just back from a work trip to India where I was spending a week with a group of about 30 people I didn’t know very well, and giving them a presentation. I’m naturally quite shy so reminding myself to smile from the heart and throw my tension away really helped me get through the week, and everyone was very nice in kind (phew).
The last time I was there was Dec 2015 (pre Chi Kung) when my health was in really poor shape while I’m still clearing the symptoms of some pain and swelling, it was a really nice reminder of how far I have come since then. Before I had to have someone assigned to me to help me with food but this time I just ate everything. Great result 🙂 My colleagues over there said they all saw a difference physically and in my demeanor in me which was really nice.
So that’s it, I always like to share the milestones 🙂
I hope you have a lovely bank holiday and if you are doing another weekend at some stage I’d love to come down.
Many many thanks as always,

I did your weekend course earlier in the year and boy have I seen a major difference since then ……… for the better of course. I haven’t a pain or an ache and am smiling from the heart . God Bless you. Joanne, Killarney

Pain in neck and shoulders
Hi Sifu Joan just a quick word to thank you for a wonderful weekend of chi and laughter. Exercises are going well and feeling a lot more energetic. Pain in neck & shoulders reduced by 90% Many thanks and no doubt you will see me again still buzzing. Tony Dublin

Each year in October for around a month, I would experience a reoccurring bout of Bronchitis, which I had from being a boy.
I would need to take a mild steroid inhaler on a temporary basis for the month, which kept the condition in check.
As well as the physical symptoms this caused a degree of emotional upset, frustration, as I researched and tried differing methods, some would control but none would remove the problem and also fear, as a few years ago I contracted pneumonia whilst Surfing in the winter months and felt my lungs were my weak spot, my Achilles heel !
I first took the Chi Kung Foundation course in 2007 with you Sifu and after a practicing for a year, the Bronchitis had reduced and the temporary medication I needed was around half, the frustration and fear I felt had also dissipated, the following year the medication needed was small, the next year the Bronchitis was gone and has never been back!
Interestingly this condition was not one of the reasons why I sought to learn Chi Kung but its cure, one of many wonderful benefits I have experienced by practicing !
I remain both grateful and thankful to yourself Sifu and Sigung.
Best wishes Mark Dublin

Crohns Disease
I was diagnosed in the Bons Secours Hospital in Cork with Crohns Disease in 2004. In 2005, I began classes with Sifu Joan in Tralee, once I learned them I was able to practice them myself at home. This is the beauty of Chi Kung. I kept practising and I became stronger. My weight started to go on and my energy increased, the pain became less severe. Flare ups lasted less and were not so severe. Slowly my health returned and I started work again. Under the guidance of my doctor, I stopped taking Asacolon and to date do not take any medication at all.
The results have been amazing, today I live a full life. I have recently returned to college, my energy levels are great, my outlook on life has returned also. Because of the nature of Crohns I know that it can return as flare ups but these are so few today that I forget that I have the disease. I cannot recommend Chi Kung with Sifu Joan highly enough, it not only eased the pain of the Crohns but it benefitted me emotionally and mentally also. This young lady would prefer not to be identified but may be contacted.

Emotional Problems
Chi Kung has helped clear away a lot of emotions that were making me feel depressed, stressed out and also very tired. It has helped me to listen to myself and take action quicker. It has also helped me to see the bigger picture in life, like happiness with what I have god and not to be searching for more possessions. Damien, Cork
Overcoming Tinnitus and Hyperacusis- Kevin Barry

Whiplash and Rheumatoid Arthritis
On April 20th I had an accident and injured my neck and back. I started Chi Kung on April 24th and by July 3rd my injuries are more than 80% cured.
About 2/3 weeks ago at Chi Kung class, I was telling Sifu Joan that when I stand for a few minutes after Chi Flow, I feel an incredible flow of what I describe as chi flowing down my arms into my hands and also down my legs into my feet. During the last week, I got a result of a book text taken in early April (before Chi Kung) from a consultant and he told me that the tests were mildly positive for RA. The Chi Kung had already found it. Noreen, Cork

Knee Pain
Hi Sifu,
I would like to thank you for your bit of ‘therapy’ you did on my damaged knee last month. As you know I fell and damaged the cartilage resulting in waiting for surgery to put it right again. Following an intense fornight of performing Chi Kung night and morning as recommended my I no longer wear my strap to keep the cartledge in place and in recent days I can bend and straighten my knee as normal. I don’t fully understand how Chi Kung works but I would recommend anyone being in as much pain as I was to seek you out and get the remedy to full health as quickly as possible. Thank you Sifu Joan sincerely. Jean Galway

Dear Sifu, -I am seeing situations, issues or opportunities clearly at their heart and being able to respond appropriately ,My practice let’s me stay in the centre of situations without anxiety or stress over whelming me. I have found I am able to be still and even find humour in the most challenging business circumstance. Mark, Dublin

More Energy and a Feeling of Calm
Hi Joan Sam here – hope you are well.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for introducing Chi flow to us! When thinking about it, it has been so powerful without me knowing I have more energy, I’m calmer and my life is honestly flowing superbly! We both enjoy doing it so so much!. Sam, UK

Meniere’s Disease and Osteoarthritis
I have been suffering from Meniere’s disease for 17 years. Since practising Chi Kung for 9 months, I have found a remarkable improvement. I have had an attack in months and don’t feel any pressure in my head. I have much more energy and osteoarthritis in my hip and knee has disappeared. I continue to practice everyday. Long Live Chi Kung. Theresa, Cork.
Back Pain
Since attending Sifu Joan’s classes on Chi Kung, I am happy to say that my back pain and shoulder trouble no longer are painful. I do not need to go to my osteopath for the past 10 months, whom I usually had to go to six or seven times a year for the past 9 years. Chi Kung is relaxing and revitalizing and is now part of my daily life. Mary Cork

Hiatus Hernia
The results said I had a small hiatus hernia.
Two months after my last class with Sifu and the symptoms seem to have vanished. I can eat whatever I choose without ill-effect. Peter, Galway

Lower Back Pain, Forgivness and Opening the Heart (Spirit)
For 11 years for reasons I cannot fully recall I have not spoken to my husband’s brother and partner. I have been resolute and stubborn that I would never make a move to have anything to do with them and those who know me fully appreciated that I could easily go to my grave without resolving anything. There were a lot of hurtful things said on both sides and it just didn’t seem possible to forgive and forget.
I first went to Sifu Joan on the recommendation of a friend for back problems and other issues, never mentioning anything about the situation with family members. I always assumed that my physical aches and pains were just that, physical, but I now know that a lot of symptoms were to do with the hurt and anger I carried around with me for 11 years.
After practising with Sifu Joan for almost a year and using Chi State of mind as much as I could it just came to me one morning after practice that it was time to make my peace with husbands’ brother. This was completely out of the blue and I was shocked at the very thought but the idea just grew and grew. The decision was made for me by me and when I told my husband there was no turning back. I mentioned it to Sifu Joan and she did recommend sending them blessings before speaking to them.
Last weekend at a family gathering the situation arose where they were both in my company and I did it, I apologised for my behaviour and asked them to join me in letting go of the hurt, anger and hate. I didn’t assume that they would just agree and was fully prepared to take whatever they wanted to throw at me but that was not the case. They were both so responsive and delighted and there were even tears, happy ones, to be finally rid of it all. For me it just fell like tightness around my heart has broken, my lower back is strangely comfortable and I have slept more deeply than I have in years for more than 2 nights in a row. I just know that things will only improve from here. I truly know that if I was not practising Chi Kung I would still be carrying that garbage around with me and I am deeply grateful to my friend who recommend Chi Kung to me, Sifu Joan for teaching it and Master Wong for teaching her. Smile from the heart. Emma, Killarney.

Calmer and Happier
Dear Sifu, I would like to thank you very much for introducing me to chi kung. I had a wonderful weekend of peace and joy. I already feel calmer and much happier. I started my day with a morning practice and it made such a difference already! I am now looking forward to enjoying my practice regularly and smiling from the heart every day 🙂
Warm wishes, Sylwia.Killarney

Calmer, more focused, more effective, efficient, less fear,
Chi Kung empowered me to take control of my life. It empowered me as a woman. The role of a woman in modern society is challenging. It so easy to lose ones sense of personal power i.e to lose ones confidence. When one is a wife, mother, housekeeper, taxi driver……etc! The one key thing most women say they have a major issue with is focus – our minds are constantly buzzing with the lists of things we have to do and it can get very stressful this is why a lot of women find it impossible to relax at all let alone return to work or study particularly in the case of higher level jobs or university education. We put so much pressure on yourselves when we are at home we think we should be contributing financially and when we are working we feel guilty for not spending more time with our children. Constant racing minds. Chi Kung has allowed me to be calmer and more focused, to do what I am doing and to realise I cannot do everything perfectly. I am calmer and have a lot less fear for the future I know with a calm mind I will be able to deal with the challenges modern life presents. With Chi Kung I can juggle successfully I look good for my age physically fit, doing postgraduate study minding 3 kids one with speech delay and running a house and of course being a wife. I would have collapsed on the spot if you told me I would have to juggle all this 3 years ago. Chi kung has taught me acceptance to go with the flow and to stop trying to be in control which is one of the reasons I ended up with panic and anxiety. I am a much better mother now as I am a lot calmer and more understanding of the needs of my children and help them to process their own little emotions and helping them to be prepared for the challenges of life. Genivieve  Dublin

Stronger, more healthy, able to deal with stress, assertive:
At a physical level, I lately surprise myself with the ease I lift and move heavy furniture around while doing house chores! Plus, I haven’t got sick in a good, good while and although I have to juggle full time work and very busy evenings at my own studio working on my own jewellery, I manage stress much better than before.
At a personal level, my interactions with people are getting smother, and although I still have to deal with difficult personalities, I seem to “read” them better, which allows me to avoid potential conflict. Dublin student

Personal development
There is, of course, the added bonus of discovering aspects of myself and my true potential which I find quite amazing and encouraging. Dublin student

Staying centred:

The practice of going to the Dan Tian is really good to stay centred and feel strong in situations of conflict .I have done it at meetings and on the street and it helps me to stay calm. Dublin student
Balance :I know how to regain balance and knowing it comes from inside not externally means we have all the power inside us! Killarney student

More Effective and Efficient
Practising Chi Kung, as thought by Joan Browne, has given me many things and if I had to put it into a few words I can honestly say in my working life it has helped me greatly to focus on the task in hand and not get distracted, to block out the negative and to be tolerant of others opinions / ideas. This has led to increased productivity, so much more less stress and a happier working environment. I no longer bring the job home. The knock on effect has been a new lease of life in my relationship with my husband and the energy to enjoy new hobbies together. Killarney student

Dear Sije Joan
I always had the wonderful blessings of never being really ill in my life. Recently I have thought of how Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung has helped me. Immediately two things came to mind. My eyes improved so much that there was no longer a need too wear glasses and after suffering from hay fever since a very young age, I can now happily say it is well gone. The only thing that I have changed was to practice Chi Kung daily. I recommend everyone I know and meet to do your Shaolin Chi Kung course.
Best wishes
Mark Hartnett Ireland May 2009

Back Pain:
The pain is gone and the pills are gone. Francis, Kerry

Dear Joan Thanks a million for a fab fab day. It was brilliant, really really enjoyed it!
Dear Joan, Thank you for everything. Back home safe and sound I thought I might thank you again. It has been a great experience. Now it is my turn to make it continue and present in everyday life.

What some of my school going students have to say.
For me the main benefit is mental clarity and overcoming fibromyalgia. It releases all stress of the week. Sifu Joan’s house is like a drop in centre and the spirit of us practising together gives me strength, freedom and hope. 16 year old.
Chi Kung gives me a sense of freedom, time for myself to just let go and forget about everybody and anything. I feel a sense of peace and tranquillity when I am in chi flow. I love myself more when I do Chi Kung. I have peace of mind, happiness and am healthy. 16 year old
Chi Kung makes me feel very strong and safe and I enjoy it very much. It lifts my spirit and I feel very privileged to have it. 12 year old.


What is Shaolin Chi Kung?
Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese therapy or art, involving physical movement and energy flow in a meditative state. It is a triple cultivation of physical, energy and mind to promote healing, mental clarity, vitality and spiritual joy thus enhancing the health and life of each individual who practices this art.

Are there other Chinese therapies?
Yes, there are. The most commonly known is Acupuncture and Chinese herbs but there is also Tui Na. Chi Kung transcends them all, it helps each individual heal holistically in the most natural way, allowing the individual to heal him/her self in chi flow without having to know where the energy blockage is. Shaolin Chi Kung also improves mental clarity, vitality and helps with physical and spiritual development.

What does ‘Shaolin’ mean?
The word ‘Shaolin’ here means that our type of Chi Kung was first practiced in the famous and renowned Shaolin Monastery in China. This monastery was known as the ‘foremost temple beneath Heaven’ and was revered by Emperor’s and the elite for its high level arts. The arts taught in the Shaolin monastery, Shaolin Chi Kung, Shaolin Kungfu and Zen meditation, they are said to transcend all other arts without compare.

When I think of a ‘class’ or ‘group’ learning Chi Kung, I think more of Yoga and Pilates or Tai Chi, what is the difference?
Chi Kung is very different to Yoga and Pilates, these arts focus more on the physical and not on energy flow. Chi Kung when practiced correctly can help an individual overcome very severe chronic illness and even cancer. Not because of the physical form which people see but because of the energy flow and meditative state of mind. Tai Chi is often taught as a dance- like movement in some schools when in fact Tai Chi (its correct name being Tai Chi Chuan) is a martial art and should also combine physical movement, energy flow and meditation as well as self -defence. The movement in Tai Chi Chuan comes from the Dan Tian not waving one’s arms about
Chi Kung is the art of energy and mind, a high level art that will enhance every single area of your life, not just overcoming chronic illness, but making you the very best person you can be. You become both healthy and happy with daily practice.

As Chi Kung is a therapy, why is it taught in a group? I would think that a ‘therapy’ would be more one to one?
Chi Kung can be taught one to one or in a group equally successfully. In a group it is usually called Medical Chi Kung. Different Chi Kung exercises and energy flow are transmitted to the group, so each individual becomes proficient in healing him/her self.
When it is one to one, we usually describe this as Chi Kung Therapy or Chi Kung Healing but can also be Medical Chi Kung. The therapist opens energy points for the individual to enable the energy to flow more easily and may also transmit energy to help clear the blockage. The individual is also taught how to practice for him/her self. When the therapist intervenes it is called Chi Kung Healing. When a student is taught Chi Kung without intervention it is usually called Medical Chi Kung.

Sifu Joan, where have you trained and are you a Master?
I have trained for almost 20 years with Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia. Sifu (this is the respectful name which we as his students use) helped me to overcome a severe back and neck injury by teaching me Shaolin Chi Kung. Initially, I only met Sifu for three days in Malaysia, to overcome my problem, as I was told by Western medical consultants that I would eventually end up in a wheelchair. I overcame it in six months and one year later I founded a branch of the Grandmaster’s school in Ireland. I have since branched out on my own to become Holistic Life Teachings as these teachings are not just about attaining good health but a good and happy life holistically.

The spirit of Shaolin lives on.