Specialist Cancer and Serious Chronic and Degenerative Illness Clinic


‘The forte of chi kung is restoring harmonious energy flow. In western terms it means that good energy makes good cells, which in turn make good tissues, which in turn make good muscles, organs and systems. If all your systems, organs, tissues and cells are functioning well, you will not be sick.’ Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Joan Browne has trained extensively with Chinese Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia in techniques and skills which help people gain the Heart of Confidence in cancer healing, as well as other serious conditions.  Using his unique principles and self healing methods, Joan has helped people overcome cancer, even at stage four. She has helped many people overcome ‘so called’ incurable illnesses, but the cancer and severe chronic and degenerative conditions treatment programme is unique. Joan offers a daily supervised treatment regime for an entire year or until disease is relieved or cured.

The Specialist Clinic is dedicated to providing education, training and recovery on the body and mind’s extraordinary ability to heal itself from many so called incurable diseases including cancer, through the Shaolin arts.

This is a programme of holistic recovery, enabling each aspect of an individual to heal fully, rather than healing just one part quickly. It is specially devised for those who suffer from cancer, but is also open to those who are in wheelchairs or suffer from serious chronic disease.

The most important essential in applying to the Clinic is:

1) The will to Live and to Get well.

The Heart of Confidence will be transmitted by Joan as well as other profound techniques empowering the client to get well, not only well but to clear all fear, be able to live a life of joy, and happiness with a zest for life, to enjoy life with family and friends, to enjoy hobbies, to have vitality, mental clarity, peace of mind, as well as enjoying work and play. The techniques transmitted will help in healing the body/mind and also in daily life. The programme is very strict and each client’s initial consultation is for suitability assessment.

Where is the Clinic?
At present The Specialist Healing Clinic is situated in Kilgarvan, Co Kerry.  If you are interested please contact Joan on

Consultations are 20-30 minutes daily.

To verify authenticity please feel free to check or contact Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

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